Fancy Pets: Mary's Favorite Cat


  • Fancy Pets: Mary's Favorite Cat
  • Fancy Pets: Mary's Favorite Cat

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A fancy life with Mary and her cats

FANCY PETS are adorable animal companions that love matching their outfits with accordingly to their owner's fashion taste.
This series introduces pet owner Mary and her cute cats, all of which perfectly coordinated to Mary's girly fashion style.

All 6 types + 1 secret. Any one is in the blind box at random. There are 12 blind boxes in one assorted box.

Product: Minifigure
Available at selected retailers
Delivery: October 2021
Age: 6 to 106

Items per Display: 12
Item Dimensions: 10 cm
Item Weight: 50 g
Display Dimensions: 21x14x12 cm

Material: ATBC-PVC
Origin: Made in Asia

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